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Gastec holds over a 97% average evaluation score from ELCAS evaluation forms. Over 20 years of providing resettlement courses. Over 10’000 engineers through our doors.

How much ELC funding can I use for my gas course?

(Lower Tier)

You can claim up to £ 1,000 for the financial year (31st March – 1st April). 

(Higher Tier)

£2,000 per financial year (31st March – 1st April).

  • Enhanced learning credits will be used for up to 80% of any course. The remaining 20%  will be covered by yourself, you can use your Resettlement Grant for this remaining amount.
  • You can claim 3 times (as long as they are in separate financial years) on any selection of courses.

What courses can I use my ELC funding on?

Gastec has offered courses to service leavers for over 20 years. The most common routes we see career paths in lead to Domestic and Commercial gas work. It is not uncommon for service leavers to branch out into multiple areas of work. Candidates can claim funding on multiple courses with Gastec, and we are here to guide your path. 

Here is an example of a Service leaver who undertook training with Gastec.

Darren Samuel New entrant gas engineer

Darren undertook the domestic Managed Learning Programme in 2023 and has already branched into Oil. Darren holds the following qualifications and is actively working every day for a reputable company with plans to branch into LPG.


 OFT10-101 – OFT10-105E – OFT10-600A – OFT10-102

What qualifications will I get for using my ELC funding?

The Gastec Managed learning programme contains everything you need to start working in domestic or commercial properties under your own Gas Safe registration or under any company as soon as possible. 

 In all areas of gas work, there is a core gas safety assessment which must be achieved before an individual appliance assessment can be undertaken. There are core gas safety assessments for domestic gas, Liquid Propane Gas, commercial gas, commercial catering, commercial laundry, gas emergency service provider and metering opportunities.

For Example:

Domestic Natural Gas:

Core Domestic Gas Safety – CCN1 (compulsory) which now includes CPA1 (combustion performance analysis)
Once the CCN1 has been completed, the appliance assessment relevant to your work can be completed.

Think of a core ACS qualification as the hub from which you can branch out your portfolio.

Common appliances to extend your CCN1 from are:

Central Heating Boilers & Water Heaters – CENWAT
Cookers – CKR1
Gas Fires – HTR1
Meters – MET1
And all of the above come as standard with Gastec’s managed learning programme. Be careful when selecting your provider as if you get stuck with only a CCN1 and CENWAT qualification you will need to wait a full 12 months with Gas safe registration before you can add any appliance.

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