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September 25, 2023 ---- Gastec Training

Gas safe using ELC funding?

Are you thinking about a new career, considering self-employment or perhaps you are leaving the armed forces and considering your next step? There are some exciting career opportunities in the gas sector. With so many choices available to you in the gas, plumbing, oil, renewable and electrical sectors there’s never been a better time to take that step. The industry is changing, it always has and will continue to do so. Being a Gas Safe registered engineer is more than just that, it’s a gateway to new opportunities.

The steps to becoming gas safe using my ELC funding?

Once you have paid your personal contribution to secure your booking, and got your enhanced learning credit claim underway…

You will be enrolled on our interactive program for online prior learning. This will give you a solid understanding of everything involved in the trade. We cover a multitude of subjects such as system design, appliances, regulations and scientific principles. Everything you learn from this will lead you into the centre with firm background knowledge to get you into a rolling start. We ensure that all course attendees have the same knowledge level before starting the course. The online training is not pass or fail, it’s simply to get you ahead of the curve and ready to get hands-on.

Once your online training is complete, you will be in our training centre for 4 weeks. We ensure our course fits around your time out of service. If you have any uncertainty about the timeframe, do not hesitate to contact our expert team for guidance. Time in the centre is spent with classroom and workshop-based learning, covering all aspects of gas safety and utilisation necessary to work as a domestic gas operative.

This will cover such topics as safe electrical isolation/gas safety/ installation and repair of appliances/components/ system design/ventilation/pipe sizing and much more. Practical tasks will include, exchanging a gas meter or installing and servicing boilers. Simulated tasks relating to the installation, planned maintenance and breakdown of gas systems will be conducted within the centre’s training workshops.

Work placement portfolio building

This is carried out with a Gas Safe registered engineer or Gas Safe Registered company, organised by yourself or through Gastec. There are 24 months to complete this portfolio before it expires commencing from the date of registration (start of the course). Gastec understands there is a lot of confusion on the timeframe for portfolio building, never hesitate to pick up the phone for guidance!

The time spent on a placement varies. It will depend on the type of work activity involved, individual capability, and other factors. Gastec offers portfolio building for domestic gas, commercial gas and catering. No matter the sector of gas work you are jumping into it is imperative that any training provider can ensure that you reach the final ACS assessment leading to Gas Safe registration. Once you have filled out a portfolio of work it will need to be checked by one of our many qualified assessors and invigilators for processing. Once a portfolio has been checked and approved it will be processed and an IGQ (Initial Gas Qualification) will be awarded to you. The Initial Gas Qualification is what will allow you to come and undertake your final ACS assessment.

Preparing for ACS assessment

After a portfolio is completed and an IGQ (Initial Gas Qualification) is awarded you are allowed to undertake the final ACS assessment in your chosen area of work. The IGQ is the prerequisite that allows you to undertake ACS assessment. Gastec offers 2 days of refresher training to anyone coming back for ACS assessments under a managed learning programme. The refresher training is aimed at ensuring that areas a candidate is feeling less confident in are covered to a thorough extent. Our pass rate is over 98% for new entrant gas engineers and we explain the full process to ensure nobody is left in a worry over potentially not passing an area of ACS assessment. Rest assured you are in safe hands with Gastec if you are undertaking any of our Managed Learning Programmes.

With the ACS assessment complete, you will be awarded your ACS certificate showing the core competency you are undertaking alongside any appliances or associated pipework. By the time this certification is awarded, Gas Safe will already know who you are. The certification does not automatically enrol you to Gas Safe.

How to join the Gas Safe Register

With the ACS assessment complete, it’s time to register with Gas Safe.

For the self-employed route anyone working on gas in the UK, Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey is legally required to be registered with the Gas Safe Register. You can apply for registration easily online. The cost of a new application is £400 plus VAT *as of 23/08/2023*. This includes one engineer and registration fees for one year.

Anyone going to work under a company’s Gas Safe registration will simply need to show them the ACS certificate that will display the core competency they hold alongside all relevant appliances and associated pipework.

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