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April 20, 2024 ---- Gastec Training

Apply for government funded heat pump training

Getting started with air source heat pumps.


What you can get as an engineer.

Training providers participating in this scheme will offer grants of up to £500 on eligible courses.

In most cases you will receive the grant as a discount on the cost of the training.

The training you receive will usually take at least 3 days, although it may be longer depending on your previous skills and experience.

All the courses should cover all the skills needed for your business to install heat pumps as part of a competent person scheme. You will receive more information on how to join one of these schemes once you have completed the training.

Several heating manufacturers are offering additional discounts and offers to participating trainees, which could be worth up to a further £500 in product vouchers and further training.

Check if you’re eligible

You’re eligible for the grant if all of the following are true:

  • you work for a business with 250 employees or fewer, you are a sole trader, or you are unemployed
  • you, or the business you work for, are certified by a competent person scheme for heating and hot water installations. Examples include: APHC, BESCA, Blue Flame Certification, Gas Safe Register, Certsure/NIC EIC, HETAS, NAPITOFTEC or Stroma
  • you, or the business you work for, haven’t already received more than £315,000 in government subsidies over the last 3 years

If you’re not sure you meet the criteria, you can ask one of the training providers offering the grant.

If you’re eligible, you can claim the grant when you sign up with a participating training provider – see the list of training providers.

The grant is only available for training which takes place in England.

How to sign up for training and receive the grant

  1. Check that you’re eligible.
  2. Visit websites of training providers to get an idea of prices, location, and availability.
  3. Confirm with the training provider that you’re eligible, and whether you need to complete any required training for your preferred course.
  4. Confirm with the training provider whether you will receive the grant as a discount from the initial cost of the course, or as a rebate once the training is complete.
  5. Book your preferred course directly with the training provider.

See the list of training providers offering the grant.

Additional opportunities after you’ve completed your training

Once you’ve completed your training, you may be able to access several additional opportunities.

Competence scheme membership

Once you’ve completed your training, you should have all the skills you need to join a competent person scheme for heat pump installations. Joining one of these schemes will allow you to self-certify that heat pump installations in England comply with building regulations, avoiding the need for inspection by a building control body.

You can find out more about how to join these schemes via their websites:

Even if you are already a member of one of these schemes for another heating technology, you may need to update your membership to self-certify heat pumps.

All of this information is from 

Contact Gastec training today for more information on if you are eligible for the grant, expand your business opportunities today.

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