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September 27, 2023 ---- Gastec Training

Gas engineer courses part 2

If your intention is to be your own boss, work hours that suit you, do interesting, challenging and satisfying work and make a very good living, then a Gastec New Entrant course could be your first step towards that rewarding goal.

The current shortage of skilled workers in the utilities sectors combined with the reduction in the number of apprenticeships has led to a current shortage of gas engineers. In order to fill the gap, opportunities have arisen for new entrants to the industry to undertake training as gas engineers. All gas engineers are required to hold Certificates of Competence for all work involving gas and gas appliances.

The traditional route to becoming a Gas Engineer is by undertaking two or three years of study at college and working for a gas organisation; you would progress towards formal qualifications. If, however, you want to get your qualifications in a much more direct and user-friendly way then Gastec can help.

We can advise you on which course you should take, depending on your goals and aspirations and what you want from a career within the lucrative gas industry.

Our Domestic Gas course is fully accredited by UK Certification. On completion of the ACS assessment, you will hold a valid pre-requisite for Gas safe registration.

Why Choose Gastec?

We have the expertise and ability to train all our students to a proficient level in basic gas work. This enables them to cope with the wide variety of work available to gas engineers in the domestic market.

We at Gastec were the first centre to run intermediate-level gas courses on behalf of the ACS Scheme. Our courses have been structured to suit new entrants that require a career change. Gastec courses are intensive with a focus on learning, qualification and getting our customers back into the workplace. we cover all information relating to gas safety. Our state-of-the-art training centre has a wide range of appliances, with numerous workstations, to ensure that there is no waiting around for a task to become free.

Does your course lead to a recognised qualification?

Yes – Our course leads to the UK Certification Managed Learning Program in Gas Utilisation award. This Gas Utilisation award allows you to undertake the ACS assessment, leading up to Gas safe registration.

How long will it take to get my qualifications?

Our Course is 26 weeks in total including home studies and assessments. Once that has been completed it can take 4 weeks for issue of the appropriate certification.

When will I be able to start working as a Gas operative?

You can start work once you have finished your Assessments and have been officially certified. All provided it is with an employer or following registration with the Gas Safe. Register If you wish to go self-employed.

Why is your course only weeks compared to colleges that take 2-3 years?

Our course covers the same syllabus and the same qualifications, also our students are all career changers rather than school-leavers, so we can proceed at a much faster pace.

I am an existing plumber working without any qualifications; I want to get my ACS do I need to do your course?

Yes Because of the New Entrant criteria you will need to attend a recognised training program such as ours and work with a Gas registered company to develop your portfolio.

When could I begin my course?

We do however limit all the course class sizes depending on demand, this allows our trainers to give quality time to all trainees. The dates will be contained within the information pack received.

Do you offer a work placement to help with my portfolio?

We can assist engineers with a guaranteed work placement for a separate fee to ensure the portfolio is completed in the most time-effective way possible. Time out of work is limited, we understand this. Our work placement only involves gas work so you waste no time portfolio building.

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