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September 27, 2023 ---- Gastec Training


-Jeremy Hamilton
What made you come back to Gastec Training and Assessment Centres?

It was time for the 5-year renewal of my gas qualifications in domestic CCN1, CENWAT & CKR1. I have been using Gastec Training and assessments for many years now. I always enjoy my time at Gastec Training and Assessment Centre, every time I visit, the staff there are always professional and will go out of their way to help us. The quality of training we receive is always to such a high standard that I couldn’t ask for any better.

How did you find your time here?

My time at the centre was everything I expected it to be, I always have a great time here thanks to the fantastic staff. The trainers and assessors are always so supportive, I had Paul and Phil this time, and they were always willing to help me when needed within reason. I found the time allocated for both revision and assessment was just the right amount of time for me. The training material provided was up to date with the current regulations and the standard of information in the books is a great help for the course. The books are always good to keep as they are helpful material for future reference, they always live in my van.

-Tom Dolling
Have you been to Gastec Training and Assessment Centres before? and would you come back again?

I have been before, I found my previous training here to an exceptional standard and I got all the training I needed to acquire my domestic gas qualifications in CCN1, CENWAT, CKR1, and HTR1. There would be no hesitation for me to return to Gastec Training and Assessments to renew my domestic qualifications in the future. I fully trust Gastec with my qualifications, if I ever need to add any more qualifications, whether it be domestic add-ons or a new qualification such as LPG or Commercial gas. The way Gastec Training and Assessment run the courses is excellent, I don’t have a negative word to say. They are constantly updating their training materials and the courses they run to ensure they have plenty of choices for everyone. Gastec has a variety of courses, such as Domestic, commercial, OFTEC oil, LPG…Having all these courses in one training centre is convenient and another factor in why I would return.

How did you find your training?

In my opinion, the training we received was spot on, everything I needed to know was covered on the course. I had Alan Hayes as my trainer, and he was great. The training was made enjoyable by cracking a few jokes and having a feeling of support throughout, this made for a fun time while also teaching us the relevant material. All the assessors I met were helpful and supportive, this is an excellent quality for a training centre to have. I had comfort in knowing the tutors had plenty of knowledge of the gas industry and had very informative answers to my questions.

-Bernard Nkansah, New Entrant Gas engineer

The handouts provided through the New Entrant Gas Utilisation course are understandable and relatable to the training. The training material offers plenty of information, it covers all of the areas of what is going to be expected of us once we become gas engineers in the domestic side of the gas industry. The handouts will help me tackle my gas ACS, it’s material I will go back to look at if I get stuck whilst I’m on the job after I get my qualifications and signed up to the Gas Safe Register.

Did you achieve any objectives you set?

Yes, I achieved everything I had set out for myself; not only did I achieve all my objectives, but I was also able to succeed at much more than I ever anticipated. Doing this course at Gastec was one of the best decisions I have made for my future. I would always use Gastec for my future endeavours in the gas industry. This was only possible thanks to Gastec, I could not fault anything about my time at the training centre. They did what they could to allow me the opportunity to succeed in my training, I will be coming back in five years to renew my qualifications (as a matter of fact, I pop my head in all the time if I have any questions that need answering).

How was the support from the staff?

The admin staff made the booking of the New Entrant Gas Course easy and understandable, they were able to help guide me through the process with my booking to ensure I had all my paperwork in order before I started my New Entrant Gas training course. When it came to the training centre itself, it was such a joyful experience, the building was equipped with various products for us to train on from ovens to boilers as well as different brands of products. Gastec has a wide variety of gas industry equipment that we were able to work on, which was great as it really showed us what exactly we would be doing once we gain our domestic gas qualifications.

We were able to get a feel of what is going to be expected from us, we were able to make mistakes, and the trainers were able to correct us and teach us how to avoid or spot maitakes that might occur outside of the training centre. I really appreciated having this opportunity because I feel like I am now a competent gas engineer. The training staff had so much experience to learn from and made sure I understood everything they were teaching, the staff offered as much help as I could need.

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