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September 27, 2023 ---- Gastec Training

New Entrant Reviews

-Charlie Clemson and Christian Robinson

Were the objectives you set yourself achieved?

Yes, we can safely say the objectives we set ourselves were achieved. We gained knowledge in the gas engineering industry and gained our gas qualifications which will allow us to undertake our final ACS assessments. We hope to pass our ACS exams in the near future so we can become gas safe registered, which we feel is achievable, and we feel confident in ourselves when it comes to taking these exams thanks to the excellent work and training Gastec provided us with.

How did you find our training staff?

The instructors are very knowledgeable about the gas industry and we have learnt so much information from our tutors. Our tutors, Alan and Surge were always helpful and on top of the teaching. We were thoroughly impressed with the amount of knowledge they could recall and show in a broken-down manner. They could reference the training books’ pages and the figures within the book without having to look at them, this filled me with confidence knowing that Gastec was the best choice for me when it came to gaining my qualifications.

What did you think of our training workbooks?

The books are very clear to read and understand, they are well laid out and contain every piece of information you need to become a gas engineer. We thought it was great reference material and will come in handy when it comes to being out in the gas industry on our own.

How did you find our admin staff?

There was excellent communication between the Training Centre and myself. The support the admin team offer is excellent, they made the whole process and transition easy, and I felt supported the whole way. Any questions, they were swift to answer them and put me at ease.

Would you use Gastec Training and Assessment Centres LTD again?

We would 100%  use Gastec again. I found everything about the centre excellent, I could not fault it at all. The training the staff provide and all the materials are up to such a high standard, you can tell Gastec genuinely care about you and, makes sure you get the best training possible.  We will be coming back to renew our qualifications when the time comes, I will be recommending Gastec to anyone I know who is looking for a career change.

-Adam Corbet

Were the objectives you set yourself achieved?

After serving in the military for 14 years I decided I was ready for a change, and was recommended to use Gastec to gain my gas qualifications. I managed to complete the New Entrant Gas utilisation course and gain my qualifications in Domestic Gas. Not only did I gain my CCN1 and appliances, but since then I have come back to gain my Oil and LPG qualifications. All the training objectives were explained clearly.

How did you find our training staff?

Every step of the way, the highly experienced instructors did not only teach us, but took from their own personal experiences during their time in the gas industry. There was a very comfortable learning environment and any nerves or fears we had quickly disappeared.

What did you think of our training workbooks?

All the training materials I have used during my multiple visits to Gastec to gain my Gas qualifications have always been updated to be the most current regulations, whether it was my New Entrant course, Domestic, Oil or LPG gas ACS courses. The training materials are a great help to assist in our new careers.

How did you find our admin staff?

I always have prompt email responses from them even though I know the centre is busy most of the time. Whenever I phoned to ask about an enquiry, it felt like they had the time to talk and explain things to me.

Would you use Gastec Training and Assessment Centres LTD again?

Indeed, I couldn’t recommend it enough, I already have recommended it to people I know who are looking for a change in their life. The exceptional training facilities eased me into a clear mindset to achieve all the qualifications I wanted.
















-Craig Willis

Were the objectives you set to gain your gas qualifications for yourself achieved?

Being in the army for 21 years and looking at leaving was a daunting task, I was always looking at a change into the gas engineering industry. Gastec has been fantastic in the transition, and I already have work lined up for me within my local gas company. My objectives were easily achieved thanks to the helpful staff.

How did you find our training staff?

I couldn’t ask for better tutors the knowledge and guidance they provided was fantastic. I felt at ease during my time at Gastec, hearing all the valuable stories from my tutors gave me a sense of safety knowing I was learning from some of the best.

What did you think of our training workbooks?

The books I was provided with were of such a great quality, if I was unsure of any calculations or how to work on some things, I could rely on the book for the answers there weren’t any areas I couldn’t find in the book.

How did you find our admin staff?

Everyone I met or spoke to in the process of booking my new entrant gas course was so professional and friendly.

Would you use Gastec Training and Assessment Centres LTD again?

I would one hundred per cent recommend Gastec to anyone I know. Now that I have completed my gas utilisation course and LPG course, I would love to attend the training centre for more courses to expand my gas qualifications and knowledge. Gastec has done an exceptional job at training us and guiding us through what could be a very stressful time.

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