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September 27, 2023 ---- Gastec Training


A day in the life of Gas Safe registered engineer Oliver is filled with both challenges and rewards, making it a dynamic and fulfilling profession. Let’s explore the daily journey of a gas engineer, highlighting the hurdles they face and the satisfying rewards they reap along the way.

7:00 AM: The gas engineer starts their day by preparing for the challenges ahead. They review their schedule, ensuring they have the necessary equipment, tools and consumables. They understand the importance of being well-prepared to tackle any situation that may arise. Oliver has been working on the tools for 5 years now so always keeps ample stock of the essentials.

8:00 AM: The first assignment of the day takes the gas engineer to a residential property where a gas leak has been reported. They arrive promptly, ready to investigate and resolve the issue. Challenges arise as they navigate through the complexities of the gas system, locating and repairing the leak while ensuring the safety of the occupants. It requires a combination of technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and attention to detail. Oliver did his initial gas training for his CCN1 qualification and gas appliances 5 years ago with Gastec training and assessment centres and has since gone on to add commercial gas qualifications. His time at Gastec taught him everything he needed to go out confident and start working on gas right away, ready for all the challenges that come with the job. Working for himself from the start has been a bumpy road in his own words, however, after the initial headaches passed he has found the job rewarding and full of enjoyable challenges.

11:00 AM: After successfully addressing the gas leak, the gas engineer moves on to the next task: a routine maintenance check at a commercial establishment. They inspect the gas lines, appliances, and ventilation systems, identifying potential hazards or areas that require attention. Sometimes unexpected challenges, such as outdated equipment or complex system configurations, require the gas engineer to adapt and find innovative solutions.

1:00 PM: Lunchtime offers a well-deserved break. The gas engineer takes this opportunity to recharge, enjoying a break in the van.

2:00 PM: Our gas engineer Oliver receives an emergency call from an industrial facility where a major fault has disrupted their gas supply. They rush to the location, ready to troubleshoot and rectify the issue. The pressure is high as they work under time constraints and in demanding conditions. However, the satisfaction of restoring the gas supply and getting the facility back on track brings a rewarding sense of accomplishment. A simple solenoid fault was an easy diagnostic for Our experienced engineer.

5:00 PM: With the day’s tasks completed, the gas engineer heads back to the office. They take the time to update their reports, meticulously documenting the details of each job. Clear and accurate records ensure future maintenance and repairs are carried out efficiently and provide essential information for compliance purposes.

Evenings: The challenges faced during the day don’t dampen the gas engineer’s spirit. They understand that challenges are opportunities for growth and improvement. They engage in professional development activities in the evenings, staying up-to-date with industry advancements and attending training sessions to expand their knowledge and skills.

The rewards of being a gas engineer are abundant. Each successful resolution of a problem brings a sense of accomplishment and the knowledge that they have safeguarded lives and property. Building positive relationships with clients, who appreciate their expertise and professionalism, provides a deep sense of fulfilment. Additionally, the field’s continuous learning and growth opportunities ensure that our gas engineer remains engaged and motivated in their work. Oliver is coming in next week to undertake his OFTEC oil course, this has come after a phone call for a group of properties owned by a landlord to be maintained popped up, how could any driven engineer say no?

While the challenges faced by a gas engineer can be demanding, it is through overcoming these hurdles that they gain invaluable experience, sharpen their skills, and make a positive impact on people’s lives. Their work ensures the safety and functionality of gas heating systems, bringing peace of mind to both residential and commercial customers.

Interested in a career in gas?

When considering a new career the first step should be an assessment of your training needs. Will an employer offer it on the job or do you need to plan your training first? If you are considering a career in the utilities industry then there are a wide range of  gas training courses and training providers available to you.

Before you decide which training provider to go with take time to check out if they are going to provide you with the full requirements and qualifications you will need for the chosen area of work you will follow.

NEW ENTRANT GAS [level 3 award]

This course will allow you to register with the “Gas Safe Register” to carry out Domestic gas installation and service work within the U.K.

Your route into the ever-evolving utility sectors.


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