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June 26, 2024 ---- Gastec Training

CTP approved courses? Jobs in Gas Safe for the armed forces

A career in the gas industry can be very suitable for a person leaving the armed forces, and here are several reasons why:

Transferable Skills

  1. Technical Proficiency: Many roles in the armed forces require technical skills that are directly transferable to the gas industry, such as mechanical and electrical maintenance, engineering, and operations management.
  2. Discipline and Work Ethic: Military personnel are known for their strong discipline, reliability, and work ethic, which are highly valued in the gas industry.
  3. Safety Awareness: Safety is critical to military and gas industry operations. Experience with strict safety protocols in the military can directly apply to ensure safe practices in the gas sector.
  4. Problem-Solving Skills: Military training often includes problem-solving under pressure, an essential skill in managing the complexities and potential emergencies in the gas industry.
  5. Teamwork and Leadership: The ability to work effectively in teams and to lead others is a key aspect of military service. These skills are equally important in the gas industry, where teamwork and leadership are crucial for project success.

Career Opportunities

  1. Technical Roles: Positions such as gas technicians, engineers, and maintenance specialists can be a good fit for those with technical military backgrounds.
  2. Safety and Compliance: Roles focused on health, safety, and environmental compliance can benefit from military experience in risk management and safety protocols.
  3. Project Management: Experience in logistics and operations management in the military can be useful in project management roles in the gas industry.
  4. Security: Security roles within the gas industry, such as site security or cyber security, can be a good match for those with military experience in security and defence.

Training and Certification

  • Certifications: The gas industry often requires specific certifications, such as those for handling hazardous materials or operating specific equipment. Many ex-military personnel are accustomed to obtaining certifications and can easily transition to civilian certifications.
  • Veteran Programs: Many companies in the gas industry have programs specifically designed to help veterans transition into civilian careers, offering training and mentorship opportunities.

Industry Growth and Stability

  • Demand: The gas industry is critical to the energy sector, and there is ongoing demand for skilled workers. This can offer stability and long-term career prospects.
  • Innovation and Sustainability: As the industry evolves with new technologies and a focus on sustainability, there are opportunities for continuous learning and career advancement.

Networking and Support

  • Veteran Networks: There are various networks and support groups for veterans transitioning to civilian careers, including those specific to the energy sector. These networks can provide valuable resources, mentorship, and job placement assistance.


A career in the gas industry can be a suitable and rewarding option for someone leaving the armed forces, leveraging their existing skills and providing opportunities for further development and stable employment.


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